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What Causes Excess Mucus In Stool

Below is a list of possible causes for mucus in stool. 1. Ulcerative Colitis With ulcerative colitis the mucus membrane of the large intestine becomes inflamed. It also develops small sores that are called ulcers. These.

Infection from bacteria or food-borne GI illnesses can also lead to mucus in the stool, such as salmonella, which develops from consuming contaminated water or food. This is probably the most common cause of mucus in stool. Crohn’s disease An inflammatory bowel disease affecting the GI tract with symptoms like diarrhoea or fatigue. Many diseases can cause excess mucus in the stool due to inflammation of the bowels. Crohn's disease: This almost always involves the small intestine, and occasionally, it involves both the small intestine and the.

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