Table Top Gaming at Roots to Jungle

Welcome to Roots to Jungle gaming, a place to sit down and enjoy our favourite table top games.  We are an inclusive community dedicated to giving our players the best experience and maximum enjoyment.  Our unique gaming events stand out, as we offer a range of fantastic cocktails and a selection of gins from our in-house bar, keeping to the botanical theme games take place amongst a jungle of plants. 


The Future of R2J gaming 

We are building our gaming community larger everyday and seek to enhance our players journey by offering a range of sealed products, both available on our stores shelves and also eventually online. By doing so we allow our community to make Roots to Jungle a one stop shop, as both a place to find awesome games of DnD, Magic the Gathering and a range of other board games but also have the opportunity to expand their collections or pick up boosters for draft events.

We see a great potential in the community and this space.

We look forward to seeing you and also welcoming you to the jungle.